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Official website of the Guitarist

On this site you will find info about guitarist Nick Matzke.  You can purchase or stream his original music (click HERE), find out more about him in the bio, or contact Nick if you're looking for any live or studio guitar work, looking for info about lesson courses, or have any other questions.  If you are looking for info about Nick's work as a Mixing & Mastering engineer or as a Producer please visit Nick's recording studio website HERE at


Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, and everywhere else digital music is available!

Nick Matzke's full length instrumental album "Decennium" is now available!  The album features 10 songs spanning the genres of Jazz Fusion, Progressive Metal, Country, Pop, and Hip Hop and features guest musicians Junie Wallace, Earnest Prince, Paul Richard, Walter Cross, Cameron Parsons, Rodgers Cochran, Ronnie Coleman, and Donald Payne!  Don't forget to check out Nick's previous album "Physical Proof" and be on the lookout for new music!

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