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Ready to kick your country playing into high gear?  Do you want to learn all the licks and techniques in Nick's "High Speed Country 1" Solo?  In this package you'll get a 30 minute video lesson teaching you every note in the solo, breakdown of the techniques used, as well as cover some of the theory and approach in creating the solo!  You'll also get TABS of the entire solo, video and audio versions of the whole solo played at 50%, 75%, 90%, and 100% speed, the backing track for you to practice over, as well as copy of the original video and audio!  Let me help you kick your country playing into high gear!

Price : $15

Check out the solo you'll be learning:


John Mayer - "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" - from Live Rock in Rio
Here is the intro solo and solo 1 from the killer live version of this tune!  There are many videos and TABS of the epic outro solo but there were no tabs to be found for the into and main solo.  Enjoy!

Intro Solo

Main Solo

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